Market Share pick up at Community Based Organizations

Some more detail about participating in the Market Share through a Community-Based Organization.

More payment Details

Paying with EBT: This transaction cannot take place online, so instead, we'll come to you. We will create a schedule that shows the next time we will be on-site to receive payment.  We will also send you a text reminder of the payment day. 

Paying with WIC: You will need to sign your checks, place them in an envelope with your name, and write the total value of the payment on the envelope. If you finish your WIC checks, you may move to paying with Produce Plus, the Card on file, or cash. 

Cash: Cash payments must be provided in a sealed envelope with your name, date, and the total value enclosed. 

What's in the bag?

Fruits and veggies! We source all of our produce from SMALL, LOCAL FARMERS. The food you receive is freshly harvested, usually within 24 hours of delivery. We fill the bags with a mix of what's ripe and abundant, paying attention to giving you a good MIX of items to cook and those that are ready-to-eat.

What if I need a week off?

So long as you give us advance notice, that's no problem at all. You won't be charged and if you've already pre-paid for that week, your payment will carry over to the next week.

Where does this food come from?

Everything is LOCAL - from Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania farmers. That means we won't have any tropical foods (like pineapple and banana) and we can't get product that's out of season, like strawberries in August. (Strawberries grow in May.)

What do I do with the Reusable bags?

Keep em! Give them to a friend! Use them the next time you shop at the farmers market!