Eat with the Seasons, Support Local Farms.


The Market Share is a twist on a traditional CSA, or Community Supported Agriculture.

Join now and play a vital role in your local food economy.  




Sample the Market

Every week, you’ll receive fruits + veggies from the market vendors.  Plus, additions from other specialty producers throughout the season!

Taste the Seasons

Never miss a beet (or a berry!) when you join the Market Share.  Being a member ensures you get a taste of every seasonal favorite. Did you know that strawberries are only available in early Spring? 

Try Eggs, Dairy, + More

Add sustainably raised proteins to your produce bag. Once you've tried the incredible quality and flavor of pastured meats, eggs, and dairy...   you'll never go back to the supermarket stuff!

Eat Well, Do Better

When you pay full price, your weekly participation offers a discount for families facing food insecurity. Select +Social Impact Share to ensure a greater portion of your payments advance food equity.

Double Your Impact.


sustainable agriculture + food equity.


When you join the Market Share, you not only make a choice for sustainable agriculture. You’re also fighting food inequity where it’s needed most.

Community Foodworks’ Market Share is one of the only CSA’s in the region that offers discounted memberships for residents facing food insecurity.

Families who rely on SNAP (formally known as Food Stamps) and WIC (supplemental nutrition assistance for Women Infants and Children) are able to purchase Market Share bags at a 75% discount. We even deliver subsidized Shares to childcare centers across the city. Plus, the Market Share is the only CSA to offer delivery for seniors for whom getting to the market can be challenging.  


In 2018, over 400 families gained affordable access to local produce thanks to the Market Share.


Equal in Every Measure

Unlike other reduced-priced programs, our discounted Share is exactly the same as retail Market Share: no odd-balls, seconds, or soon-to-expire produce to be found here. In addition to fruit and veggie distribution, the Market Share creates an experience equal in quality, service, and delivery, regardless of the currency used for purchase. Families are able to enjoy items like heirloom tomatoes, fairytale eggplants, and seasonal fruits such raspberries and blackberries that may have otherwise been out of reach.


A firsthand look at the Market Share impact