The Local Pantry offers regionally produced healthy whole grains, beans, and legumes at affordable prices, and allows customers to find more of their typical grocery needs at the farmers market.


The local food movement has conferred celebrity onto once forgotten crops, like the heirloom tomato and lacinato kale. Today, local fruits and vegetables are sought after in high demand; in fact, they draw customers to farmers markets and offer a reliable roster of profitable crops for small farm operations.

While the growing list of trendy fruits and veggies continues to build market share for small farmers, demand for local grains, flours, and legumes has yet to offer the same promise. Although consumer interest lags, hundreds of small granaries cultivate wide varieties of grains and beans.



Although many households, particularly low-income households, rely heavily on affordable staples such as dried beans, lentils, and brown rice, access to locally grown versions of these products is limited, or non-existent. Commercial varieties, grown and shipped from abroad, dominate the market and drive out demand for local grain farmers.

Through Community Foodworks Local Pantry, customers can find affordable, healthy pantry staples, produced regionally and sustainably by family farmers.