Thank you for your interest in becoming a vendor with Community Foodworks! Community Foodworks is proud to offer our markets as business incubators for the many wonderful farms, nurseries, bakeries, meat and seafood providers, cheese makers and specialty food producers our area has to offer.  

Each market has a unique customer-base and growth opportunity; every vendor is carefully evaluated with a commitment to creating a diverse and successful marketplaces for their communities. Please note, we are committed to supporting locally and sustainably produced products, as well as small businesses, and evaluate each application on a case-by-case basis. 


Community Foodworks farmers markets are designed to integrate sustainable, regionally produced food and goods into the urban community.

Community Foodworks welcomes the following businesses to apply to our markets: 

  • Fruit and vegetable growers

  • Humane meat farmers

  • Dairy and cheese farmers

  • Bread / bakery / pastry

  • Local honey and bee products

  • Locally made value-added products (i/e, locally-roasted coffee)

  • Locally made prepared foods

We will not accept the following items at our markets:

  • Food items not grown and/or processed by the vendor

  • Products containing high-fructose corn syrup, artificial colors, artificial flavors, or trans-fats

  • Nationally distributed products

  • Energy drinks

  • Overly processed and/or fried foods

  • Meat and dairy products treated with growth hormones such as rBGH


The information below offers a quick guideline for becoming a CFW vendor.  Once accepted, all vendors must adhere to their specific market guidelines. Vendors may apply (and are encouraged) to sell at more than one market.

  • Growers and must be within 200 miles of Washington D.C. Producers of added-value products must also meet this criteria.

  • CFW markets are producer-only: vendors may not resell products that were grown or made by others.

  • Preference will be given to farmers and growers who cultivate the land and raise livestock or harvest using sustainable practices that preserve the regional foodshed

  • We prioritize supporting small and / or family businesses and cooperatives.

Step 3: submit an application or Inquiry

All applications must be received through our website or ManageMyMarket.