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> Participants MUST sign up using the form below <

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1- use the form below to sign up

You're signing up through a special offer that provides delivery + discount for families and staff based at select Child Care Facilities and Community Organizations. 

2 - Pick up your share, once a week

Once you sign up, you'll be scheduled to receive a weekly delivery of fruits and veggies to the site you indicated on the sign up form. 

Every week will contain a different mix of fruits and veggies. All the food is LOCAL, FRESH, & SEASONAL. 

3 - Pay once a month 

You will pay for your share four weeks at a time: $8/week x 4 weeks = $32 for a month of fresh produce!

On the sign up form, you will need to indicate how you want to pay for your Family Share. The options include: SNAP (Food Stamps), WIC Checks (fruit and veggie checks), or Credit / Debit. Cash is not preferred but can be accommodated upon request.

SNAP and WIC payments will be scheduled to take place in-person, once per month, on a regular interval (i/e, second Tuesday of every month, 8-10am.) You will receive reminders leading up to this day. Ask your site manager for more information.

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