Exciting news:

We're going to be on DCTV! 

DCTV + Community Foodworks.png


Thanks to DCTV's new capacity building grant program, you'll be able to catch segments about Community Foodworks and our mission toward a resilient and sustainable community-based food system. 

Partnering with DCTV gives us a dynamic platform to share our story about how we are: 

  • Ensuring farmers markets are inclusive, diverse spaces that empower people to eat healthy and support local farmer livelihoods.

  • Advancing the lives of low-income families living in poverty so that they can afford a consistent stream of weekly fruits and vegetables

  • Bringing fresh food closer to home in Ward 7 & 8 where nearby grocery stores are limited or non-existent.

What you’ll see:

We will bring you quality stories and vital conversations about food insecurity, access, and equity. We’ll also appear on DCTV’s new weekly television series, District Life, which will explore the nature of living in Washington, DC and share important and compelling stories with people all over the District.

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram where we will post all of our new content. We will also let you know when we're live on the air at DCTV's streaming platform at dctv.org/live


Thank you so much for your continued support. Please let us know if you have any questions, comments, or stories you'd like to share with us about your experience with Community Foodworks.


About DCTV 


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To see the full list of local impact makers who received the DCTV Capacity Building grant, please visit dctv.org/grantawards.