Beginning November 7: Salmon, Oysters, & Wild Blue catfish at the Arlington Farmers Market



 The Arlington Farmers Market, located at Courthouse Plaza for over 35 years, is joining forces with Charlottesville-based fisherman Zac Culbertson, of Cold Country Salmon, and Maryland’s Wide Net Project to introduce its customers to the joys of eating wild blue catfish as the best means to support local fishermen, eliminate invasive species and combat hunger.

Introduced to certain Virginia tributaries in the 1970s for recreational fishing, the blue catfish (ictalurus furcatus), North America’s largest, now outnumbers other fish 3-to-1 in bay tributaries. The Wide Net Project was founded to turn the plentiful, delicious fish into an affordable source of protein for both anti-hunger relief and paying customers. For every pound of catfish Arlington Farmers Market customers purchase, WNP will donate another pound to local anti-hunger organizations such as Miriam’s Kitchen and Martha’s Table.

As part of its mission to support regional food producers, Arlington Farmers Market recruited Culbertson, who runs a small acreage farm and travels to Bristol Bay, Alaska every summer to net salmon from a biologist-managed, sustainable fishery on the Ugashik River.  Culbertson returns his “Beyond Sushi Grade” salmon, which is frozen immediately after catch, to Virginia where he produces salmon spread, salmon cakes, salmon animal treats, spices, and glazes.  

Beginning November 7 at Arlington Farmers Market, Culbertson will sell Wide Net Project blue catfish, his wild salmon and salmon products and Virginia oysters from Seaford Oyster Company in Seaford, VA.  

Columbia Heights Community Marketplace Is Now Community Foodworks!


Dear Neighbors, Market Customers, and Friends,

Over the past five seasons, you helped us become one of the most successful farmers markets in Washington, DC.  As we’ve grown, we have also developed programs that ensure all community members have access to local, healthy food. The success you helped us achieve has opened the door to a number of exciting opportunities, and as part of that growth we are excited to announce a new name for the organization – Community Foodworks.

New Farmers Markets

Our experience creating a dynamic, inclusive, and commercially successful Columbia Heights Farmers Market will help us develop a thriving market in one of the fastest growing and most diverse neighborhoods in Washington, DC. We will assume management responsibilities for the Historic Brookland Farmers Market this year, which completed a fantastic inaugural season in 2014 thanks to support from the Bozzuto Group and the Monroe Street Market development as well as the broader Brookland community. We look forward to building on that foundation. 

Starting this season, we also will manage the Arlington Farmers Market, better known as the Courthouse Farmers Market, one of the longest-running farmers markets in the DC metro area. We are excited to partner with Arlington County to ensure that the market retains its place as a destination for the highest-quality locally grown and produced food in the region.

Greater Impact

We remain committed to our goals of increasing food access and equity in the food system. This season we will launch an incentives program for the first time at the Historic Brookland Farmers Market with the generous sponsorship of the Bozzuto Group, and at the Arlington Courthouse Farmers Market with the support of Wholesome Wave as part of a groundbreaking national program funded by USDA to increase access to fruits and vegetables for SNAP consumers.

We will also be growing our impact in Columbia Heights. As part of the same initiative led by Wholesome Wave, we will be launching a subsidized CSA program for SNAP customers in Columbia Heights. This will expand our community reach beyond the farmers market for the first time - stay tuned for more information!  

While we’re excited for what lies ahead, we couldn’t have achieved any of this without the Columbia Heights community and our network of supporters across the city. To learn more about our evolution, visit our new website:

Thanks and we’ll see you at the market - opening day at Brookland and Columbia Heights is April 18!


Jeff Stottlemyer
Executive Director

Jessica Luna
President, Board of Directors