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season four begins may 16, 2018

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Each bag includes fruits and veggies from all your favorite farmers: 78 Acre Farm, Pleitez Produce, and Three Springs Fruit Farm.  Special additions from urban farms like Good Sense Farm and Apiary and Up Top Acres as well.


Never miss a beat (or a berry!) when you join the CSA.  Joining the Market Share ensures you try every seasonal favorite. Did you know that strawberries are *only* available in early Spring? 

LOCAL MEATs, eggs, CHEESE, & more

Add local, sustainably raised staples to your produce bag. Once you've tried the incredible quality and flavor of pastured meats, eggs, and dairy...   you'll never go back to the supermarket stuff!!

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Did you know ... the Market Share offers discounted memberships for residents who rely on Federal food benefits, like SNAP (aka Food Stamps) and WIC (Women, Infants, and Children Benefits). We are also the only CSA to offer discounts and delivery for seniors for whom getting to the market can be challenging.

Choose "SOCIAL IMPACT SHARE" when you check out If you would like to share the feast with your neighbors. This will add a $3 donation to your  weekly Market Share bag, and help ensure that all of us in the neighborhood who are excited about fresh, local produce have the access we deserve.


Sizes + Options

Made for a couple of fruit & veggie enthusiasts. The Personal Share contains enough for 3-5 meals for 2, or maybe more depending upon your appetite for fresh produce.

Expect a mix of 6-7 fruit and vegetable items. A sample summer week might look like this: 1 bunch tuscan kale, 1 pint heirloom tomatoes, 3 kirby cucumbers, 3-4 ears of corn, 1 pint of berries, 4 peaches.

Such variety & abundance! The Family Share is meant for households that cook and eat fruits and vegetables regularly. With enough produce to stretch about 5 meals, this size is great for approximately a family of 4 or shared among a 2-3 adults.

Expect a mix of 8-9 fruit and vegetable items. A sample summer week might look like this: 1 bunch tuscan kale, 1 head romaine, 2 pints heirloom tomatoes, 5 kirby cucumbers, 5-6 ears of corn, 3 onions, 1 pint of berries, 6 peaches.




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Now that you've got your fruit and veg: add local, pasture-raised meat, eggs, & dairy to your Market Share!