If you've been to a Community Foodworks farmers market, you know that they don't fit a typical mold. We strive to build diverse spaces, where all different races, ages, income-levels, and backgrounds are equally represented and excited about fresh, local food.

We are eager to bring on new members to our team to work toward our goals. If you are interested in applying, please follow the instructions unique to each position description. 



Arlington Farmers Market and Food Benefits Program Manager

Rhode Island Row Farmers Market and Events Manager


Note: if you are interest in submitting an application for more than one internship position, please make that indication in the body of your email submission. Please do not submit multiple applications. 

Parkside-Kenilworth Outreach and Marketing Intern

Ward 5 Outreach and Marketing Intern

Columbia Heights Operations Intern

Social Media Intern

Arlington Promotion and Events Intern